Our vision is to produce successful, responsible, creative global citizens striving for excellence and committed to the progress of the society. We believe that early childhood is a time to ignite children’s love and passion for learning, and that they must enjoy attending school.

Our teachers act as mediators of childhood experiences and interactions. They provide an appropriate, responsive, loving and stimulating learning experience. We provide innovative educational methods, experimental and contextual curriculum coupled with quality infrastructure that will help to discover nature and bring to fruition the treasure with in.

The School is committed to learning through exposure and experiment. Instead of learning being teacher driven, the teachers and students together construct knowledge, so as to enrich from this creative experience .This is also supported by adequate field experience, so that each student can use the acquired knowledge to create an unforgettable experience of fun, joy and learning. Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the students develop a respect for the rich past, while mastering the complexities that lie ahead. The feature that is most distinctive at Alpine is our aim to make each students independent and confident individual, become lifelong learners, excelling academically and growing up as healthy and responsible citizens, ready to occupy the pinnacles of success. The school is equipped with interactive & smart class room, where LCD screens and computers are connected – making learning more interesting & enjoyable.