To the Summit

To the Summit

To the Summit

We are alpinians

As Alpinians we are successful, responsible, creative global citizens striving for excellence and committed to the progress of the society.

We Believe

— Physical Development — Cognitive-Intellectual Development — Moral Development — Social- Emotional Development — Societal Development

Student Initiatives

Alpine believes that each student has the potential to accomplish great things. In Alpine every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

STD X RESULTS 2013 -14

  • topscorers 1

    topscorers 2

  • topscorers 3

    topscorers 4

  • topscorers 5


    Akarsh - 10/10 CGPA

  • Shristi

    Srishti - 10/10 CGPA


    Anamika - 10/10 CGPA

  • Akshitha

    Akshitha - 10/10 CGPA


    Sachin - 9.2/10 CGPA

  • Likhit

    Likhit - 9.8/10 CGPA

    Palak Kasturi

    Palak Kasturi - 9.4/10 CGPA

  • Arun

    Arun - 9.4/10 CGPA


    Manmeed 9/10 CGPA

  • Afra

    Afra - 8.6/10 CGPA

Why Choose Us


‘Alpine’ is a well established educational sector with creditable Academic achievement in All India Competitive Exams. Alpine Group is a reputed business house with interests in Property Development, Manufacturing and IT enabling services

Comprehensive infrastructure

Every nook and corner of the campus transmits each step into a stepping stone of knowledge. Be it the posters, labs or the field area – the infrastructure conveys a wisdom that motivates one to move into another learning world altogether.


Our teachers act as mediators of childhood experiences and interactions providing an appropriate, responsive, loving and stimulating learning experience.


We provide innovative educational methods, experimental and contextual curriculum coupled with quality infrastructure that will help to discover, nurture and bring to fruition the treasure within.

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Preesha of Std-III wins the First prize in Mega Finals National Spell Bee contest

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Career @ Alpine

Wanted experienced and qualified teachers to handle Senior Secondary (2015-16) --- English, Maths, Biology, Physics,

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