Childhood is the age with high potential for learning and maximum grasping capacity. Learning takes place through informal way as the mind is very active. The activities of the Pre-Primary section are unique and are planned carefully to suit all kinds of learners boosting their confidence and creating practical experiences.

The thematic activities like Color day, fruit/vegetable salad day, animal kingdom etc. gives an exposure to the kindergarten concepts while the language development takes place through puppet shows, show and talk, storytelling and recitation.

The group activities encourage social and emotional development by working together imbibing qualities like caring, sharing, self control and self-discipline. Creative activities encourage expression through art, fostering creativity. Numerous activities conducted throughout the year focuses on social awareness, environmental awareness, physical development, motor skill development, hand and eye coordination, and body and mind coordination.

Music, dance and swimming classes’ give a new dimension to learning making schooling fun and enjoyable.