Parent’s Corner

Dear Principal Madam,
I am Rathnakar Patil, father of Nithushree Patil who is studied in U.K.G ‘A’ section for the academic year 2015-16.
As in step-up day of Pre-Primary held on  19th March 2016, We (Parents) have not got opportunity to speak  to express there child’s performance.
Just i want to say few words about the school and my daughter performance.
For Every child when it comes to education it has to begin somewhere and for us it is Alpine Public School
Alpine is primarily focus on children’s learning, they basically allow the children to learn on their own pace and work independently.
This whole year its a kind of eventful  journey with lots of learning curve, activities, celebrations and many other interactions.
Today i am proud to say that my daughter Nithushree is part of this esteemed organization and we are very much happy with her performance not only in point of learning but also in other various activities she was performed well.
All credit goes to my daughter class teacher Nalini.Pavan ,she is the one  who take cares on daily basis when children come to school and monitor’s child growth and with her patience to guide the children and her support was awesome  through out the year.
Thanks a lot to Nalini Madam for her enthuastic effort,guidance and support .
Thanks to Anitha Madam (Pre-Primary Co-ordinator) for nicely handling the Pre-Primary section and support to all teaching staff.
Also thanks to Jayalakshmi Madam(Principal) for taking care of childrens especially girl childrens and security
Wishing Alpine public school all the best and keep on rocking.
From Nithushree Parents

Dear Madam Ms.Jayalakshmi Shastry
Greeting of the day.
Congrats on the 10th year anniversary of the school as the year pass by we can see lot of changes from academic and in various fields of the school. keep  it up and excel to the new high.
As the event was crisp and clear and as the event went on i can see that all the children was well behaved and disciplined in performance and event in the conduct when they are coming on the stage or leaving the stage. each performance was excellent and took us for our roots and ethos values.
Your presentation on school excel was eye opener but if it was shown on the slide it would have been still great, with this i would like to thank all the teachers and the management for the mile stone of achievement and the progress.
All the best.
Venu Nayak.N F/o Kushi V Nayak Vth Std

Dear Jaya Madam,

Congratulations to the Alpine fraternity on the successful completion of a decade. It is indeed a great milestone to achieve. The hard work put up by the students and the staff was clearly visible and the end result was commendable. I think the school management has only shown improvisation over the years in conducting and managing events. I myself having some experience with event management can understand the pain one has to undergo to bring all the pieces together and make an event successful. I think you have done an exemplary job leading your team.

I would also like to congratulate Kavitha m’am and Anitha m’am for completing 10 years with the school. Their popularity was clearly visible from the support and cheers they received from the audience. People cheering for them during their award reception proves their long lasting dedication and sincerity to their professions.

Please pass this email to Kavitha madam also as I did not have her email id.

It was good to hear about the achievements by some of your students at national and international levels.

Please convey my regards to all your staff members and I wish the school achieves greater heights and prosperity in the years to come.

Harsha Damodar
(F/o Amit and Yukta)

Dear Madam,

The annual day and graduation day yesterday was very well organised and executed.

Though there was some issues with time management, i believe the whole thing went off very well.

The arrangements and logistics were probably the best I have seen in the last few years. Congratulations to you and your team for having puled this off.

The morning program of values was very well executed. I felt that it is definitely more apt to show children the impact of values rather than just preach them.

The beauty pageant was also well planned and delivered. The relevancy of fairy tales to modern day was a novel concept.

I would also like to thank you for having given Sankarshan this opportunity to participate in the annual day despite his injury.

He was very happy to do his role and has been delirious with joy at the appreciation he has received.

The fact that the Chairman and Mrs. Jayashree mentioned his name during their address to the audience has also added to his happiness.

We were also pleasantly surprised to hear him being mentioned by both of them. It has definitely boosted his self-esteem and confidence.

These acts of kindness and compassion go a long way in helping the children learn and display these qualities when it is their turn. Thank you once again.

I would like to extend my congratulations to you and the staff of Alpine for the decennial year and wish many more such joyous occasions in the future.

Kirankumar V
F/o Maithreyi and Sankarshan Haritsa

Good Evening Principal – Today we attended the celebrations and were amazed by the show.

The show was brilliantly executed – as usual children were at their best. Other than that background screen, costumes, concept and music were all excellent.

Some of these kids will surely make to the top in some years to come and the full credit goes to the teachers and the institution.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Thanks to all who made today a success.

Thank You,
Satish Biradar