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Painting prodigies

Alpine Public School

Pooja and Manasa of Std-X from Alpine Public School walked away with the 1st prize in the recently held UV printing contest held at PES University. The theme for the competition was “void” and the duo came up with a brilliant idea to depict the topic to essence of human nature wherein a multihued skeleton (a gloomy girl) covers her void with a mask.

The poignant artwork and thought by the talented students projects their boundless imagination and the school feels proud of their achievement.


Alpine wins the Bangalore round quiz show hosted by Mr Rajdeep Sardesai on India Today.

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An interactive session with Author — Ilika Ranjans on 12th July’18 at  Alpine Public School

 First aid procedure was demonstrated for students of Std-X & XII by Dr. W. D Mohan (HOD of Emergency Dept  in Sagar Hospital–Jayanagar)

 Talk by Mr. Suresh Chandrashekaran. on  Common Communicable Diseases Affecting The Eastern and Western World” on 6th July’18. for students of Std-X.

Alpinian – a Healthy mind & a Healthy Body

Alpine public school kept its date with wellness and fitness by observing World Yoga Day at its campus on June 21st. The resounding Omkar chant reverberated throughout the premises as hundreds of students gathered to perform various asanas.  Guided by the school’s yoga teacher, Shubha Ma’am, children rolled out their yoga mats and exhibited how continuous practicing helps in keeping body flexible and fit.

 Yoga Day – Photos

Std I to IV
Std V to VIII
Std IX to XII

Environment Day observed at Alpine

Alpine Public School put its best foot forward on the World Environment Day to spread awareness about conversation of water and ways of reducing plastic in our day to day lives.
Various activities were carried out to make children aware of the role they could play in making the world sustainable for many a generations.
The highlight of the day was the students participation in a radio show organized by ‘Behatar India’ on Radio Active 90.4 The personal survey designed for the students of standard-V shed light on the different grades of plastic, the main theme of this year was the method needed to reuse, recycle the everyday plastic items. The students from standard-VII worked on ways to conserve energy.
The students of Std-VIII performed a street play on the theme of ” Save Water” and they were clad in green T-shirts and went around the vicinity of the school for an awareness drive of the environment issues.
The day concluded with a pledge that this drive and passion to make our country a better place for everyone would persist in each one of them.

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Alpine’s visit to China

Travelling is the best education;

Yousee the world through another lens.

You realize your homeland isn’t the reality…

There are many.

Our trip to China broke many myths about the country, the people and their culture. It is true travelling broadens your perspectives in so many ways. It allows you to see and learn.

With Hongkong as our stopoverfromBangalore, we visited Shanghai. With no time to spare we reachedthe city center, by Maglev train moving at a speed of 300kmph. From there, we rushed to watch the acrobatic show. The stunts with the combination of different feats, the coordination and agility of the performers left us spellbound. With a sumptuous dinner, our day ended and we headed to our hotel for much needed rest.

Next day started with a visit to the Volkswagen Car Plant. The factory tour which lasted for about an hour and a half was very educative. Very soon we reached our next spot The Shanghai Museum. It is an enormous museum with master pieces from different periods and dynasties. Nanjing Road was next on our schedule. It is a famous shopping hub with lots of domestic retail outlets and souvenir shops. Oriental Pearl Tower was our last visit for the day.

Next morning we made our move to the most beautiful Yuuyuan garden which exhibits exquisite Chinese architecture. Post lunch we had another educational visit to Shanghai silk museum. The methods of obtaining silk threads from the delicate cocoons provided great information to us.  Our last destination in Shanghai was the Bund Waterfront. Cruise along the Huangpu River was different experience. After which we left for Beijing in the superfast bullet train.

Before heading to the LegendaryGreat Wall of China, we stopped by the Jade market for some quick shopping.Reaching The Great Wall we felt that no words could describe its spectacular architecture. It was built during the Qing dynasty during 200-206 BC to stop the external invasions. On our way back we stopped at the National stadium well known as The Bird’s Nest where the 2008 Olympics were held. Later the guide took us to the Kung-Fu show. A high level performance with a wonderful storylayout,perfect stage design, the realKun-Fuactions and scenes left us speechless. That was a trulyunforgettable experience in China.

Our visit toTiantan Park, the next day, for Tai Chi classes gave us a peep into the tradition form of Chinese exercise. We walked throughthe park and reached the Temple of Heaven. From there we moved to Tiaminen Square which is located right in front of Forbidden City. It is one amongst the 10 largest city squares in the world. Forbidden City is now the Palace museum which once served as palace for the emperors.  As one cannotenter the place without the special permission of the emperor, hence thename ForbiddenCity. Last and the most exciting part of our trip was our visit to the International College of Chinese Language. We got tolearn the basics of Chinese language. It surely is true when you start travelling you realize that it is better to see once than hear about it a 1000 times. -Ayesha Mustafa



Women’s day celebrated with yoga session at Alpine Public School

Health for women was the theme of women’s day celebration at Alpine Public School and a session was conducted for all the women staff of the institution by  Shubha ma’am, school’s yoga instructor.

The idea was to drive home the point that women should place their health and fitness at the top priority to be able to meet the challenges of personal and professional lives.

Since yoga provides the ultimate cure to beat the stress and gives spiritual and physical relief, the school authorities came up with this wonderful step and hope to make it a regular practice.



Proud Achievers of 

Silver Zone International English Olympiad WhatsApp Image 2018-03-06 at 10.59.44

Std-X and  std-XII new session begins from 5th March’18 to April 16th ’18.

Timings:8.30 to 12.30 (Mon to Sat)

Pariksha Par Charcha

screened at Alpine Public School

Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interactive session with the students “Pareksha par Charcha to beat the exam stress was aptly timed as this is the time of the year when the young scholars find themselves bogged down with pressure to study and score.

Arrangements were made at Alpine Public School to let the students gain valuable lessons from the prime minister’s address that covered all the essential aspects of exam and the stress that ensues.

The multitude of questions posed to the PM struck a chord with the students as they could find themselves struggling with the similar issues during exams.   At the end of the session they walked away with  smiles and thoroughly equipped with ways to rid themselves of the fear and stress when they sit to study for, as said by the PM “ the festival of exams”.







Alpine’s Science fest ‘Sabadoria’ celebrated

One 15th February Alpine Public School turned into the perfect nurturing ground for all the young Einsteins and Edisons who donned their thinking caps to celebrate the annual science fest ‘Sabadoria’. It was the day that combined their immense curiosities with imagination and the result was numerous beautifully presented projects and experiments that proved science was a subject well-enjoyed by all. The event was open to parents who were excited to see their wards engaging into activities that surely put to use whatever they had studied in their science textbooks. The highlight of the event was the shadow theatre by the students of eighth standard, which aesthetically traced the origin of humans tryst with science and how it helped them bring progress and advancement to the world.


February – 2018

  • Class Group Photograph on 6th Feb’ 18 (Std I to XII)
  • Class Group Photograph of PP on 8th Feb’18
  • Std X and XII Graduation Day – 25th Feb’18.

March – 2018

  • Std X and XII Third Pre Boards from 12th March’18.

 Tips for exam preparation:

  • Organize your study space.

  • Use flow charts and diagrams.

  • Practice on old exams.

  • Explain your answers to others.

  • Organize study groups with friends.

  • Take regular breaks.

  • Snack on brain food.

  • Plan your exam day.

Join Summer @ China – Contact school for more details.

SOF Exam Winners




Alpinians get the 2nd place in The Inter School Quiz competition conducted by the Indo Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

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Sirigannada Exam – Winners

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 Akhil Bhartiya Rashtrabhasha Hindi Pratiyogita Pariksha – 2017, WinnersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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