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Musafa’s roar beckoned Alpinians

The students of Alpine Public School enjoyed a splendid movie outing on 23 rd July when they went in hordes to watch “The Lion King”- the movie which has taken the city theatres by storm. The trip was organized by the cultural club “Amaze” of the school, which believes in bringing students closer to the quality cinema through movies conveying stirring message and motivation. It was thoroughly enjoyed by students who responded to the lion’s roar with full gusto and made sure the memories of the film would stay fresh in their minds for a lifetime.

Field Trip – Std VIII

On the morning of 17 July, we, the students of class VIII, were bustling with excitement, as we were to go to the Indian Meteorological Department. The Indian Meteorological Department is the principal agency responsible for meteorological observations, weather forecasting and seismology. The Bangalore office is responsible for the entire state of Karnataka. After an hour‘s journey, we reached our destination, getting a chance to see the grand Vidhana Soudha and the High Court on the way. We were guided into the seminar hall, and saw a lot of interesting rooms which catered to a multitude of different purposes. When we were settled, our guide, Mr Nagesh, explained to us the purpose of the department, and all the factors they had to take into account while monitoring weather. We were told about the releasing of a hydrogen-filled balloon every day in order to study and measure wind conditions. After a little more elaboration on what exactly the factors of weather are, we got to release the balloon from the terrace and follow it with our eyes until it was no more than a speck in the distance. We also saw and understood the science behind the wind vane and anemometer. After this, we saw a device that would display the height and distance the balloon was at. This would further be analysed and studied in the Pilot Observatory Room. Then, we got to see the old building of the department, which was in shambles. After assembling again in the seminar hall, we learnt about several instruments used by the department to measure maximum temperature, minimum temperature, evaporation, humidity etc. Subsequently, we were shown the instruments and got to understand them in detail. The hygrograph, rain gauge and others were just terms and we had finally understood their full purpose. This was followed by us being let down to a field where we saw the instruments in their actual, full form. We were bursting with questions throughout, all of which were answered with utmost patience by Mr Nagesh. Finally, we realised we had to leave. The time had flown by, and very reluctantly, we boarded our buses and left, our minds enriched by all the knowledge we had obtained. I would like to thank our respected principal Ma’am for giving us this golden opportunity. I would also like to thank Godavari ma’am, Madhupriya ma’am and Padmakshi ma’am for accompanying us in making this trip a memorable one.

Report by Preesha G PrabhathWhatsApp Image 2019-07-24 at 17.36.25

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-24 at 17.37.04

Report on Field Trip to Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

On the 16th of July, we the students of grade 7 set out on an educational visit to the Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Upon our arrival at the museum, we witnessed a treasure trove of scientific concepts. All of them were so vividly displayed. It was a treat to our eyes and minds to view the wonders of the fascinating world of science. The museum had 8 interactive galleries and other facilities like science on a sphere, Wright Brother’s Simulator, Dinosaur’s corner, 3D film shows so on and so forth. All the kiosks in the museum were hands on and minds on experiences. The Engine hall housed interactive exhibits which helped us explore the principle of simple machines and  also included the replica of the Wright Brother’s simulator. The Electronic gallery taught us principles of magnetism and electricity. The Space-Emerging Technology kiosk was a sight to behold and a treat for our auditory senses as well, we got to listen to the experiences of astronauts and space scientists. Another interesting aspect that we encountered at the museum was weighing ourselves on each planet. And of course, last but surely not the least , how could we forget the Dinosaur’s corner which took us back to the Triassic period and all of us thought we were in a time warp. We wished time had stood still as we weren’t in a mood to come out of this wonder world  What a memorable day it was. Our biggest takeaway from that day being “Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done’’. The Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum embodies the spirit of this quote in more ways than one. We would like to thank our respected Principal Ma’am and the teachers who accompanied us on this enriching trip.

By Shreyal STD VII

WhatsApp Image 2019- 17.37.18

 Out Reach Program

The students of Std-VII visited the Gubulala Government School, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 29 th of June, 2019. It was an outreach program wherein te students of Alpine Public School visit this school once in a month and share knowledge, things and feelings. This month we reached out to them in English and Maths and shared our knowledge about quick maths and spoken English. The involvement and enthusiasm by them was immense and made us motivated to precede and share much more. Such involvement with the under privileged was an eye opener to us and we learnt the biggest lesson that Sharing is Caring. We are looking forward for the next visit so that there is much more to give and much more to contribute and make this a better place for all.



Investiture Ceremony at Alpine Public School

The cabinet for the new academic session at Alpine Public School was formed on 21st June on the occasion of Annual Investiture Day’s ceremony.  It was a much awaited event by the students as they looked forward to clap and cheer for the School Captains- sports and academics and also for the four houses- Valora, Clarissa, Jovan and Blenda.

 The members of the cabinet were chosen in true democratic voting method and on this day as the school band roared each time the bright faced, students-the elected candidates, marched upto the dais to receive their shiny badges from the principal, Mrs.Jaya Lakshmi Shastry. The teachers too were honoured with their respective academic and non academic portfolios on the occasion.

The speeches by the students highlighted the core value of leadership and responsibility. The event ended with a spectacular kathak performance by the students.

Alpinians celebrate World Yoga Day

Keeping its date with health and fitness, Alpine Public School celebrated the International Yoga Day-2019 with full gusto on 21st June in the school campus. Neatly lined with colourful yoga mats, the field presented a splendid visual as the soft morning breeze added to the loveliness to the cloudy day.

The elaborate yoga session, held separately for junior and senior section, was conducted by the yoga gurus Ravi JJ and Basawaraj Eklure- both well known names in the field of yoga across the country.  Along with demonstration of asanas the duo also briefed the students about the multiple advantages of each pose. The Omkara chants everberated in the field as hundreds of students unified in their will to be healthy and fit and performed various asanas with utmost perfection.



Movie outing review – Grade 7

Everyone’s favourite magical nanny from the evergreen 1964 Disney Classic Mary Poppins is back in the sequel “Mary Poppins Returns”. Based on the book series Mary Poppins by P.L Travers (first published in 1934), the movie brings to life on celluloid the characters etched in the memory of the fans of the book series and introduces this outstanding characters to the new generation. Set in the blossoming Cherry Tree Lane , the ‘practically perfect’ nanny is back to doing what she had come for years ago to take care of the Banks children.  Enter Mary Poppins (played by the absolutely delightful Emily Blunt) as she creates an aura of imagination and magic around the house with the children John, Jane, Annabel and George in a constant state of disbelief and fascination.  Sniff away as Micheal Banks has a touching conversation with his wife and laugh your guts out at the antics of the effervescent Jack (Lin Manuel Miranda) and watching the legendary actress Meryl Steep as Topsy (‘Tatiana Antanasi’) is really the icing on the cake. Emily Blunt owns the screen and literally carries the film on her shoulders ably supported by the ensemble cast with each one contributing in equal measure.  Mary Poppins Returns keeps the viewers glued to the screen and there is never a dull moment. The film is an ideal mix of values, emotions and heart rending scenes. Through it many songs it teaches us to be cheerful, honest and brave at all times. I would like to thank the school and the management for having given us this opportunity to enjoy this movie with our friends and treating us to this enriching experience which will cherish for a long time to come. This film truly embodies the saying “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time “

Movie Review of Mary Poppins Returns

(Movie outing Grade 7 – Dec 2019 – Preesha G Prabhat)


Teenage parenting workshop held at Alpine

Public School organized a workshop for Parents- ‘Challenges in teen parenting’ on 2nd March’19,  at its campus for parents. Dr. Debmitta Dutta, a Parenting consultant and founder of the website ‘’ conducted the workshop.

 It focused on how parents could help their teenage children in managing stress, brought forth by academic/peer pressure. She advised them to play a meaningful role in motivating and disciplining them through a rough phase.

Dr. Dutta stressed upon the fact that parents need to realize the importance of accepting their teenagers as young adults, ready to share responsibilities and enjoy some freedom.

It was well attended by parents who understood on how to handle the tricky issues of a teenager who faces multitude of issues in the current times.



Science fest celebrated at Alpine Public School

The classrooms and corridors presented the look of a lab and activity counters at Alpine Public School  on 23rd Feb as students geared up to celebrate the annual science fest – Sabadoria.

It was a much awaited event at the school as the science enthusiasts from classes 5th  to 8th came prepared with interesting experiments to be demonstrated to their fellow students and parents.

The young learners put to use the knowledge they had gleaned from the science textbooks and displayed working models of hydraulics, quad copters, mechanics and a lot more.  “Fun with Chemistry” counter drew a large crowd as children displayed an attention -grabbing demo of how solution of potassium thiocynate and Ferric chloride react to form a blood like substance and thus gave away the secret of fake blood used in movies.

Like last year, Shadow play “Light and Action” this year too was a great hit with all those who attended the fest.

The innovative idea to present microorganisms in form of colourful and beautifully drawn rangolis invited admiration and appreciation from the parents for the combined hard work of students and teachers.

Apart from all this, children also presented models and presentation on waste management, water and energy conservation.


Graduation Day at Alpine Public School

Amidst tears of joy and happiness, the graduation Day ceremony “Ashirvachanam” at Alpine was held on 15th Feb. It was the time of the year when students from the graduating batch recalled the precious memories of their very first day at the school and glanced over the place gripped with nostalgia. Boys looking dapper in sharp black suits and girls stylish in sarees, cherished the years spent as they bid farewell to their first stopover of learning and growth.

Ms. Sreelakshmi Gururraj from UNISEF graced the event as the chief guest and delivered a heart touching speech covering various angles of schooling and education. Speaking to students, Mr. Kabeer, Chairman of the School, stressed upon the importance of learning skills and developing interests, other than those related to academics. Mrs. Jayalakshmi Shastry, the Principal, gave emphasis to the values the school quips a child with and hoped students, as they move ahead in life, stay connected to those lessons.

The ceremony ended with students along with teachers performing the traditional ceremonial walk in the school field holding lamps as their parents watched and took pictures of the memorable moment..

 Japan Quiz Winners

The Japan Quiz trophy walks into Alpine for the second time. The quiz is organised annually  by the  Indo Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the  University of Tokyo. While last year it was Afza and Trishika  who clinched the second place and Rachna and Atharv were finalists, this year we had Rachna and Atharv (Grade 9) bagging the second place, which makes it a second place win for Alpine two years in a row. There was a change in the format of the quiz due to which two teams from a single school couldnt make  it to the final.. Nevertheless. It was a stellar performance once again by team Alpine. Rachna and Atharv achieved this feat against 36 schools across Bangalore. This win proves that with determination and perseverance, we have it in us to consistently win major quiz competitions. We are hopeful that the first place will  be ours next year. Congratulations to this amazing team who set a great example of teamwork.  With this experience, these four musketeers have gained so much knowledge on Japan that they can now be called the Seinsies of Alpine. Seinsie in Japanese means teachers.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-04 at 12.07.37

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-04 at 12.08.13

Annual day bonanza at Alpine Public School

Days of practice, planning and hard work was displayed on 01st Dec’2018 as the school celebrated its 12th Annual Day.

The school premises, wore a festive look for the day-long programme, split into three schedule for its Pre primary, Primary and Secondary section.

 ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, ‘Jal Tarang’, ‘Parivarthanum’ were the respective themes for the three sections and each theme was beautifully projected with an aesthetic combination of songs, dance and drama. The dazzling lights, soothing music, and vibrant costumes added a special touch to the talent of the students.

This event was an apt platform to showcase student’s talent with a strong social message on water, Change and One world. The message was well received by the audience who had gathered in huge numbers. The program had dignitaries from the  theatre, Film and Medical Industry.

A wonderful day to remember for a long time by the Alpine fraternity.

Alpine Public School

Visit’s Meteorological Department

 The mysterious nature of the climate, the mood swings of the weather- all appeared even more interesting to the students of Alpine Public School of Std-IX who had the opportunity to visit the Meteorological Department in Bangalore on 16th  September as a part of the extended learning program by the school.

The students first had a look at the ‘Single Stevenson Screen’ which had four thermometers showing the maximum and minimum temperatures in a day. They were informed by the officials that temperature was measured eight times in a day. Next was the ’acrograph’, which recorded the temperature for an entire day on a graph and the department had been maintaining the date for about one hundred and fifty years.

Students were briefed about the ‘evaporimeter’ which helps in the calculation of the rate of evaporation per day; the ‘rain gauge’, which measures the amount of rainfall in a day. An instrument called the ’Automatic Weather Station’ gave direct information to the computers using sensors.

After learning about the various instruments at the surface observatory, the students saw wind instruments like the ‘wind wane’ and the ‘cup-counter anemometer’ – which are used in calculating the wind speed, direction and determining the weather of the day.

By Surbhi Das,   IX-B



A gesture so sweet!!
Grandparents Day celebrated at Alpine

The classrooms in the Primary block at Alpine Public School on Sep-8 th were packed with students, but with a difference. The chairs were occupied not by the young students but by their grandparents who were invited by the school to celebrate a touching tradition- the annual grandparents’ day.
The thoughtfully designed activities ranged from storytelling to clay modelling and a lot more. The little ones made touching cards and recited poems to express their love for their delighted grandparents who thoroughly enjoyed their time as they made teams to do the colouring activity and took part in all the fun-filled activities with jubilation and eagerness.
A photo booth was set up to catch up with the memories of this day.


Sanskrit Day at Alpine Public School
Students of Alpine Public School combined creativity and talent to showcase their love for Sanksrit on the annual Sanskrit day celebrated on 1 st September.
The highlight of the event was to remind the students about why and how to keep the link with the ancient language alive by encouraging them to come up with creative forms of expression in the language. Songs and theatrical performances made up a major part of the programme, along with speeches about the importance of the language.


Ilika Ranjan the author of “Secrets of Zynpagua” visited Alpine Public School on 12th July for an interactive session with the students. It was a thrilling experience for children as they got the opportunity to interact with the author and took part in a story writing activity. It was a memorable session for the young students as many walked away proudly with the autographed book gifted by  the author.

Talking about the decline in the reading habits among the children, Ilika said it could be attributed to the limited books available for the younger ones.  She believed that fantasy and magic were genres that could never lose the charm and Indian authors could take up such subjects to entice the children.

First aid procedure was demonstrated for students of Std-X & XII by Dr. W. D Mohan (HOD of Emergency Dept  in Sagar Hospital–Jayanagar)

Communicable Disease

The science department at Alpine public School organized a talk on “Common Communicable Diseases Affecting the Eastern and Western World” 6 th July at the school premises for the students of higher classes conducted by Mr. Suresh Chandrashekaran, an immunologist.
The talk focused on equipping students with the basic information about prevention and cure of common ailments. It was a good opportunity for students to ask questions pertaining to various diseases, they read about in the books. They eagerly inquired about the breakthrough made in the diagnosis and treatment of infections and epidemics prevalent in India.
The event was a part of the regular learning programme at school when people from various fields are invited for an interactive session with students for enhanced learning and exposure.

AORP visit to Gublala Government School – 07-07-2018

Alpinans don teachers’ hat at Gublala Government School

The seventh grade students of Alpine Public School had the wonderful opportunity to visit a government school at Gublala as part of the AORP (Alpine Out-Reach Programme), along with their teacher Padmakshi ma’am. It was the day when Alpine students took up the role of teachers as they imparted lessons in maths and science to the bright and shiny faces that greeted them with an ear to ear grin in the classrooms of the humble government school.

It was entirely a different and an enriching experience for students as it gave them an opportunity to pass on the knowledge they had been getting and it surely made the visit all the more meaningful. Some felt nervous while some felt confident and in the end it turned out to be an unforgettable experience as it brought smiles to all.

It was not just studies that brought all the children together; it was an overwhelming experience as they bonded well over games, antakshari and an interactive session that diminished the barrier that exists between the private and government schools. Alpinans were exulted to discover about the dreams and aspirations of the children as they came to know about their fellows’ aim of becoming IPS officers, CEOs, designers and a lot more.

It was a visit that helped Alpinians find the richness of simplicity and sincerity in the truest form. They returned with faces bright with smiles and hearts brimming with hopes of looking forward to such experiences in future.











Alpine celebrates “Oratio”-

The annual literary event


The interschool literary fest “Oratio” was celebrated at Alpine Public School on 27th October with great enthusiasm and exhilaration.

 Students from various schools gathered to soak in the beauty of English language as they eagerly participated in a string of exciting events planned for the day, like budding bards,  spontaneous speakers, weave a wonder, spelling stunners and a lot more.

 “War of the words”, the parliamentary debate on the topic “Should Children below 15 be a part of reality shows” saw an energetic exchange of convincing presentation by the members of the opposing teams and provided a healthy challenge to young debaters speaking for and against the motion.

 All the events were designed to enhance the interests of the students in academic-cum-literary activities and channelized their vibrant imagination and hone their speaking and writing skills.

Other attractions at the venue were Jigsaw Joint and a selfie Corner.

Alpinians date with Hindi

Alpine Public school observed Hindi Diwas on 8th September at its campus, reminiscing the declaration by the Constituent Assembly  in 1949 to adopt Hindi as the official language of India. The Students celebrated the richness of Hindi by presenting an array of performances themed on the beauty of language and conveyed  the significance of Hindi which is enjoyed in the rainbow of languages stretched across the nation.


World Record – Chinmaya RaoUDAYAVANI-DAVANAGERE EDITION-7-7-2017-k


Soaked in the spirit of Independence
The celebration of 70th independence day started a few days before 15 th August at Alpine Public School as the school held a mega painting contest for all the students at the campus. The theme “India tryst with destiny” provided a wonderful platform to students to let their creative juices flow and come out with brilliant ideas to present independence of India on the paper. Each painting splashed with colours of the flag and sprayed with hues of patriotism, brought in the limelight the creative Alpinians who thoroughly enjoyed the day revisited the freedom struggle with their creative efforts.

Independence Day celebration by Alpinians
The 70 th Independence Day of the country was celebrated at Alpine Public School with fanfare and patriotic fervor. As the grey clouds cleared up the horizon, letting in the mellow rays of sun, the tricolor was hoisted by the Chairman of the School, Mr. Kabeer as students cheered and saluted their national
emblem with enthusiasm.
The event’s highlight was the ceremonial march past performed by the students from all the four houses Valora, Blenda, Clarissa and Jovan, as well as the scouts and Guides contingents, with utmost diligence as the school band played its instruments in perfect harmony.
The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by a cultural show which comprised skits, songs and dance performances themed on the independence movement. The programme ended with an oath to value the struggle of freedom fighters and work harder for the progress and prosperity of our motherland.

Report on IIT Workshop in Alpine Public School

Make intern  (workshop partner) conducted a contest for the students of class VII to X on behalf of IIT Kharagpur-Spring Fest in our school on the 22 and 23 of July, 2017 on the topic ‘Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking’.

It was a 7- hour session on both the days i.e. Saturday and Sunday. Ethical hacker, Mr. Rahul Thakur from IIT Kharagpur was present as the guest speaker.

On the first day, we got to learn about Cyber Security, Cyber Laws of the IPC, how to hack into Windows without a password, or reset and format the password and crack passwords using various methods, types of hackers and the hackers’ language. We were very excited with the information of hacking but we were told to only try it among our friends circle. We then had practical’s that were entertaining and educative. We cheered loudly when he cracked his login screen password using a method called brute forcing, and when he broke into his system without entering a password.

On the second day, we learnt about Data Recovery, Keeping ourselves safe from hackers, viruses, websites, Caller ID Spoofing, Facebook Hacking, Steganography or the art of hiding information behind an image and WiFi Hacking. All of us were excited with the idea of Facebook hacking which he taught us very well; adding a few jokes.

We wholeheartedly took part in the sessions. It ended with a test in which most of us had scored well. The idea behind hacking is to hack to learn and not learn to hack.


Class X A

Names of the Students who won the medals and merit certificates:

  1. Shashank Murki
  2. Parnika Aravind
  3. Ayman Hawaldar

jr 8


  • Alpine out reach Program (AORP) –a wing of our Social Program unit will be visiting  a Government School to teach spoken English and Abacus by students of Std-VII on 22nd July’17.  (TIC — Ms. Padmakshi)
  • Supreeth, Raghav and Aryan Pratap are participating in the Times of India–Inter school Model making Competition in Army Public School -Mekhri Circle on 22nd July’17. (TIC — Mr. Shivabala Murugan)
  • Students of Std-VIII are participating in a Story Telling session under the aegis of NGO ‘Youth for Seva‘ on 22nd July’17. (TIC — Ms. Anita Kalibhat)
  • Selected participants are into the second round of Presidency Challenge Big Idea and War of Words on 22nd July’17. (TIC — Ms. Jayashree R)

Activity Coordinator — Vimmy 


Story telling- An art a skill

Storytelling is about igniting imagination, sharing enriching experiences and also about making learning interesting; the workshop held at the school By Priya Arun from Kathapriya on 24th June for teachers explored the vast potential of using storytelling to explain concepts in classroom and make curriculum appealing.

The two-hour workshop was organized as a part of teachers training programme and aimed at discovering how the ancient art could be used to engage the interest of the children and help them learn and understand their lessons with a refreshing touch. Priya talked about the effective ways of communicating ideas using the art of storytelling and stressed upon why teachers needed to encourage children to imagine and visualize without the aid of gadgets. The session comprised various amusing activities like learning voice modulation and fundamentals of story building. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by teacher who, at the end, walked off with splendid ideas to make learning more effective for students.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 22.58.00


Ashwin Kadloor of VIII  has been selected to represent the Bangalore Team to  travel to United Kingdom for a football training program and competition in July 2017′

He will undergo an 8-day elite training program from 9th July to 17th July under English Premier League coaches and compete in the “Premier Explore Cup-2017″.

We wish him a grand success in this competition.

Student Council Elections were held in Alpine in true democratic way.

Students from Std-V on wards have chosen their leader for the school and sports

Photo Gallery

Yoga day was celebrated in Alpine on 21st June’17 by all students.

Photo Gallery


The light
– By Shazman Shariff
At times, so strong and bright
That no wild gust
Can shake its tremendous might.
Sometimes, feeble and fragile
That a gentle whiff is enough
To shatter it apart in a while.
However, the light that shines within
Never dies away, it blazes on and on
It carries me through the thick and thin.
Its radiance gives me a powerful glow,
How invincible is my mind and soul
It lets me see and know.
When to give up and when to stand a fight
The light, my guiding angel
Tells me from wrong to right.
Have high spirits and march ahead
Its myriad colours wink at me and say,
Bring out the dreams dwelling in your head.
It whispers to me a sweet sermon
You bring beauty and joy to life
Take pride in yourself, oh! You lovely woman

Kite Flying

20170113_103515 20170113_103511 20170113_103504 20170113_103351 20170113_103313 20170113_103253 20170113_103249 20170113_103140 20170113_103126

 Report on NIMHANS visit

Report on the visit to the Human Brain Museum, NIMHANS

Human brain is one of the most amazing organs of the human body. Its functioning is mysterious and complex. Added to these are the myths surrounding the Master Organ.

Now imagine yourself holding a real human brain in your hand and trying to understand its complexities, I am not exaggerating. On 22nd  December & 23rd December our students of Class X, myself and Vani C.M got an opportunity to visit the Neuro Biology Research Centre in NIMHANS, one of the Premier Mental Health Institutes in the country.

For the past 35 years, NIMHANS’ Neuropathology department has been collecting brain specimens to use them in training their batches of students. Recently though, they have begun showing it off at a one-of-a-kind Brain Museum. Under the charge of Professor S.K. Shankar, the department has set out to spread the word about neuroscience, to remove the stigma that’s associated with neuropsychiatric illness, and encourage organ donation through this educative tour.

The guided tour started off with an interactive session (with PPT) on the basic facts about brain structure and functioning. Next the students were divided into groups and were introduced to real specimens of brain, spinal cord, vertebral column, heart, lungs, kidneys etc. The students were given a chance to hold and feel the real specimens (the specimens were quite hard due to the preservation already done) Many were reluctant to hold it in their hands but later got the courage to hold and feel the specimens. One of the groups were very lucky as Professor S.K. Shankar himself explained it in detail.

Next was the museum .When you step foot in this museum, you will have to admit, it feels like you have entered the sets of a rather graphic sci-fi film. Over 300 brain specimens are preserved in jars at the ‘brain museum’ managed by the Department of Neuropathology. And each brain has a story to tell — whether chilling, tragic or fascinating. Dr S.K. Shankar, who has been a professor at the Department for the past 32 years is so enthusiastic to explain the story of each brain.

There are a line-up of brains that have been riddled with conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Cerebral Palsy. Others are of accident victims, many of whom could have easily been saved if only they had a helmet or a seat belt on. And in the end, specimen with neuro infections such as Tapeworm eggs affecting your brain or the amoeba that brings death if you inhale it in a dirty, untreated pool. The tour ended with a lot of scientific understanding and knowledge.

It was an amazing experience and we all felt that we are no less than Einstein or Newton. The size of our brain doesn’t matter anymore.

I personally thank Jaya ma’am for giving me this opportunity and look forward for many such learning experiences.



 CMP – Petrol Bunk Visit

img_20161123_090504 img_20161123_090602 img_20161123_092935 img_20161123_092937

img_20161123_092957 img_20161123_093005


img_20161123_095019 img_20161123_095243 img_20161123_095407 img_20161123_095450 img_20161123_101248 img_20161123_101355 img_20161123_101828 img_20161123_101843 img_20161123_102553

 Alpinian’s Bank Visit-Std-X – part of their curriculum

 The young Scouts and Guides of Std-V received their badges during the Investiture Ceremony held on 7th Sep’16 in the school premises

Pooja Srinath of Std VIII is one among the top ten artist selected in Karnataka during Vijaya Karnataka drawing competition.

Krishna Janmasthami Celebrations
The Pre-Primary section of the school were all dressed as Radha and Krishna and set the day by dancing to popular numbers on Lord Krishna.
The Universal Lord was seen in each of the tiny tots as they took part in the ‘ Dahi Handi’ activity as per their height and age.
Scholastic Book Fair has been set up in the school from 26th Aug’16 to 27th Aug’16. A new set of Academic and non academic books are available.
Feel the need…. The need to Read!!


CMCA-2016 launched
On the 26th of Aug, a new set of enthusiastic students from grade VIII stepped in as CMCA Young Brigade to spread basic civic awareness in and around their surroundings. A skit depicting the moods of students in a classroom and their attitude towards the school was conveyed and appreciated by all. The eager students took a pledge and and called their Brigade as ‘Civic Army’  and began their duties by getting involved with the school cleanliness.
Their belief that Start where you are – Use what you have – Do what you can was truly apt and motivating for the other school students.

Yuva Brigade

an organization formed by like minded individuals who intend to do something good for the country visited Alpine Public School on 24th Aug’16 to spread the message of Patriotism and Nationalism. With the teachings of Swami Vivekananda as their guiding principles, they are working in the society amongst the youth who are the future of the country.

The students were taken into the land of the Freedom Struggle from 1857 and certain aspects of great leaders was conveyed through visual and audio rounds. Mr. Vinay and Ms. USha the volunteers from this organisation kept the students engaged with their motivational and inspiring talks.

It was indeed a day to reflect back and feel for the country which had such great leaders, sacrifice their life for our Freedom.



It takes immense pleasure to be a part of the Alpine outreach program that was organized on Saturday 2nd July to a Government school on Kanakapura road.
We started at 10.30am from our school and reached the destination at 11.15 am. We were excited to share our piece of knowledge with all the students in the Government school and we were welcomed with equal enthusiasm. Their eagerness to learn added up to our excitement.
We were divided into group of 4 and we got to teach the 1st and 2nd grade students. It was amazing to teach rhymes, numbers, name of the fruits and vegetables to the students of 1st grade and we also had a story telling session for them , they were enthusiastic and excited while we narrated the story.
Our next group of students were from 2nd grade whom we taught Mathematics and to make it more interesting we gave out the gifts to the students who gave the right answers. They came up with doubts and asked many questions. Our session with the students was completed but we went ahead supporting our other group of students who were teaching the 3rd, 4th , 5th , 6th and 7th grade. It was a wonderful experience and also realized that discipline is very important to self-grow, their eagerness to learn taught us that knowledge is very important for one’s life and learning is a continuous process. In a short time span they jelled with us very well which made departing from them a bit painful.
Ayush Ravish

Alpinians of Std VI had a special learning workshop conducted by I-Planet On Sat the 2nd July 16 in their Jayanagar branch.

The app used in the making of the Bird watching was explained practically giving it a wider range of interest.

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Participated in entrepreneur challenge at

Presidency school. 12th commerce students

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AORP Visit to Gubbalala Village School 02-07-2016

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Alpinians at the three day scouts camp at Doddaballapur



Alpine Public School observed ‘World Yoga Day’ on the 21 June, 2016 in its campus. The students   of classes I to XII along with the staff and teachers performed yoga.

The students were taught different Asanas starting with warming up and stretching exercises followed by Ustrasana, Vrikshasana, Dhanurasana, Trikonaasana, Prosorita Paddottasana, Supta veerasana, Gomukhaasana, setubandha sirsasana, Chakrasana. After asanas students were taught the Pranayama- for longevity. Students also took a pledge to imbibe yoga in one’s life to lead a healthy life.

Heartfelt thanks to our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for giving an opportunity for schools to celebrate the International Yoga Day. We are thankful to CBSE for initiating and inculcating yoga as a part of syllabus which help students to develop harmony. It also helps to bring peace, happiness and success to every soul.


Vishal  Bharadwaj (VA)



 Village Visit

We the students of 9th standard with teachers traveled to  village near Kanakpura Road on 11th june . The main purpose of our visit was to conduct research on village people way of life and to evaluate available resources to the village.
Interviews with villagers gives us a good information related to their lifestyle.
The village Devagiri is a small village near the outskirts of Bangalore. In the village there are no facilities such as Hospitals, Banks or Market. The Primary language spoken in the village is Kannada. The village has sufficient supply of water and electricity throughout the day. The primary occupation of the residents of the village is agriculture. They are very much dependent on other well developed villages Tuttaguni , for market , bank , hospital , school . etc.
We would like to thank our Teachers and Principal mam for this opportunity.
Thank You.
Radhika Sharma

Day:1–Workshop by Ms. Mekhala Hiriyanna

A workshop titled “Teamwork and leadership was conducted on the 23rd of May by Mekhala Hiriyanna, from the Be Brainy Publications at the school premises for the entire teaching staff.

It mainly focused on the renewed role of teacher in the modern set up of education and how the traditional teaching methods could be refreshed to meet the contemporary requirements and challenges of the profession. Besides focussing on new concepts and ideas being introduced in the profession, to make it more interesting the two- hour session included stimulating activities and puzzles for teachers.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by teachers and equipped them with new methods to bring innovation in the teaching strategies. 

Day 2: Workshop by Mr.S. Hiriyanna

On the 25th of May, a workshop titled “Joy of teaching” was conducted by Mr.S. Hiriyanna, —– to prepare the teaching staff for the new academic session.

With his deep association and enriched experience with the fields of science and maths, he demonstrated simple yet interesting methods to make classroom learning more appealing and easy. He mainly focused on English, Science and Maths and showed various examples to make the subjects more enjoyable for both students and teachers. He illustrated his talk with various situations from daily life to help students understand some basic concepts and principles of these subjects.

He concluded the session by reiterating the dignity and nobility closely associated with the profession and how the great responsibility to inspire and guide the students must be carried out with utmost sincerity and dedication by the teaching fraternity.

Day-3:Workshop by Ms. Anuradha Ramesh

To further enhance the skills and abilities attached with the profession of teaching, a workshop was organized at the school titled “how to have a positive attitude at workplace.  Conducted by Ms.Anuradha Ramesh, Student counsellor and psychologist, it shed light on how certain situation can best be handled at work place with positive approach.


Shazman Mansoor

Concept Mapping

     An extensive workshop titled “Concept Mapping” was held at the school for the teaching faculty. Conducted by Rosama Francis from The Teacher Foundation (TTF), the three-hour workshop focussed on the basic principle of concept mapping and how it could be constructed and applied to make classroom learning more effective.
     The workshop included engaging activities for  teachers to understand the idea of concept mapping and created an active atmosphere of learning and comprehension.  Ms. Rosama with her enriched experience in the field of teachers training thoroughly covered the topic and enlightened the participants about making teaching more interesting and easy with the help of academic tools like concept mapping.

Summer Closing Ceremony

Kindly be a part of the Alpine Extravaganza – 2016 

On 7th may 2016 at 10.30 am to watch your Ward display his / her Summer camp acquired skills

Venue: School campus

Chief guest: Salumarada thimmaka

All students must come in white T-Shirt and black pant by 8.30 am

Transportation facility is available only for pick up on this day

                                                          Summer Camp Co /

(Ms. Ayisha, 9035156261)

  Closing Ceremony of Scouts and Guides for the academic year 2015-16.

IMG_3962 IMG_3964 IMG_3972 IMG_3981 IMG_3992

CMCA Closing Ceremony – 2015-16

                         CMCA     IMG_20160218_091737IMG_20160218_092751_1IMG_20160218_092751IMG_20160218_091847_2


BE BRAINY Sessions for

Std 1 to 5 on 23rd Feb during school hours.




An event will be conducted in school to promote Entrepreneur for Std IV to XI from 9AM to 3PM on 23rd Feb 2016.

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Collage, Name the price, Team Building games, Outdoor Advertisement, Cooking without fire


Collage, Name the price, Team building games, Outdoor Advertisement, Creation of product


Guess the product, Name the price, Advertising a dead product, Outdoor Advertising, Creation of product


Advertising a dead product, guess the product, Team building games, Video Advertisement, Pictionary


Team building games, Name the price, Creation of product, Video advertisement, Puzzle mania


Conference with PPT, Puzzle mania, Debate, Team building, Pictionary

Description of the event:

  1. COLLAGE: In this event the participants are supposed to gather pictures, newspaper clippings, write ups etc. The gathered pieces are to be stuck upon to the paper. The theme for this event INNOVATION FOR A BETTER WORLD.

  2. NAME THE PRICE: The event is very simple, it is an individual event and the participants will be given a list of products before hand, on the day of the competition they will have to give the correct price of the product. The key to this event is the preparedness and market awareness. We test the memory power of the contestant and also the analytical skills, scanning the price of a product over a period of time.

  3. TEAM BUILDING GAMES: In this event all the participating teams will be given tasks or activities which they will have to complete as a team within the specified time. Team work involves number of factors like trust, co-ordination, respect, involvement. All these qualities will be tested to the core in the Team-Building event.

  4. OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT: It is the event where a product is provided. The participants need to advertise in their own way and attract the attention of the audience and try and sell the product which is been assigned or given by the coordinators. The time will be allotted based on the product as well as the way the participants are performing and interacting with the audience.

  5. COOKING WITHOUT FIRE: It is the event where you have to prepare the food without fire and without using any kind of electrical equipment’s. and even does not end here it begins here where you guys need to advertise the product as well as sell the product to people and explain them why they need to buy your product and not their competitors. the time will be given for preparation as well as market their product.

  6. GUESS THE PRODUCT: In this event the participants will be either shown a visual or given a clue/hint which would be unclear leading towards a product or a brand. The participants will have to guess the product correctly. Through this event we test one of the most important skills required for a successful entrepreneur, ‘Attention to detail’. Close attention to the most minute detail will matter in this particular event.

  7. CREATION OF PRODUCT: Product making is the event where the participants will be given a list of raw materials with the help of which the participants are supposed to create a new product of their own which is no existing or a dead product in the market. The participants should be creative in making the product and should tell the uses and the advantages of the product made.

  8. ADVERTISEMENT OF DEAD PRODUCT: The main reason a product is considered dead in the market, it loses its relevance in the present market, so the biggest challenge is to market and advertise the product in such a way that what Was irrelevant in the buyer’s mind should become the trend setter! We give the participants A variety of dead products, they randomly pick them and whichever product they get they have to advertise it!

  9. VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT: The participants have to decide the product for which they have to make a advertisement; they will have to make a video advertisement for that particular product that catches the attention of the audience. The advertisement should be a brand new advertisement for product where the slogans should be new and the actual logo not to be used.

  10. PICTIONARY: Pictionary is a team-event wherein, one of the team-mate will pick out a card and depict the message in the card by drawing out a picture completely faced towards the board; the team-mate will have to guess it within the specified time. The challenge lies in the fact that two people rarely have the same Perception regarding something, thereby both the participants thinking in the same lines is what constitutes a perfect team.

  11. PUZZLE MANIA: In this event the participants are provided with crosswords along with the names of entrepreneur or company names. The participants are to find out the given names within the given time.

  12. DEBATE: In debate, the participants would be given on spot topics. The participants will be equally distributed to speak FOR the topic and AGAINST the topic. The best speaker FOR the topic and AGAINST the topic will be announced the winners.

  13. CONFERENCE WITH PPT: In this event, the participants are supposed to make a presentation being an entrepreneur who is introducing a new product or service. The participants will have to present the same to the members in the room. The members will be the judges in the form of investors for the product or service. The participants are to convince the investors to invest for the same.

Std VI & IX only – PTM on 27th Feb (Saturday)

Std VIII – SA2 from 1st March 2016.

A fun filled activity by Tata Salt will be conducted in the New Basement  on 10.02.16 (Wednesday) for classes 2 to 5.
Timings- 10:00 a.m

Our Basket Ball girls team would be playing against the Indian School-Muscat at 3.30 pm on 13.01.16 in the National level Competition at Sonepet — Haryana. All the Best Girls!!

Microsoft Project Reports->

Biodiversity value of Nature

Bio Mimicry

Carbon Foot

Design for Environment

Ganit Week Activity


Grade1: Addition by drawing lines using match sticks. Students were made into different groups. They were eagar to do more and more.

Grade2:  Division by grouping , using pulses and grains.

Grade 3: 1) Mathematics relay (using different operations)

2)  Maths game (caller and responder)[ based on fractions, conversion of money, addition subtraction, multiplication and division]( In this game 20 flash cards will be made.10 for caller and 10 for responders. when a caller shows the card immediately responder has to respond, if he/she fails he is out of the game. He has to act or dance or sing)

Grade4: Activity on operation of numbers.

Grade5:  Maths Quiz (There are 4 different rounds) Winners were appreciated by the gifts given by class   teacher.

Grade 6: Rubik’s cube activity conducted. One who does faster than others got the prize.

Grade7:  1) Kakuro  ( one who finished first with correct answers got prize)

2) Maths relay(using different operations on numbers)

Grade8: Vedic Maths (squaring and cubing of numbers)

Grade9 and 10: Lecture on the history of Indian Mathematics and Mathematicians.

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Educational Trip

Std-IV – Visits – People for Animals (PFA) Unit 

20151222_103718 20151222_105951 20151222_110010 20151222_110241 20151222_110347 20151222_110405 20151222_110544 20151222_110550 20151222_110557

Std-I  – Visits – Honda Assembling Unit

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An Inter School Cultural and Ecological exchange Program was conducted with a team of students from Sri Lanka on 10th Dec’15 in Alpine Public School.

Culture has a universal appeal and they form a wonderful context for bringing people together and to demonstrate the significance of their tradition and customs.

The different dance forms portrayed by the Alpinians and the Sri Lanka team celebrated the capability and beauty of the human body, mind and emotions in action.

Apart from the cultural exchange the two teams had group discussions on the Ecological System in both the countries. It was clearly understood apart from our country it was the entire planet that needed immediate attention towards sustainable resources to save Mother Earth.

This day seemed too short for both the set of students as their curiosity kept increasing, to know more in depth about various topics that was discussed.

Such interactions is truly a platform to make one a ‘Global Citizen’

Date: 11.Dec’15                                            Gayathri P (Std-XI)



Commerce as career was conducted by Career Launcher on 11th Dec’15 for students of Std-X & XI in the school campus.

20151211_115646 20151211_115705 20151211_120843 20151211_121151 20151211_121542

Supreeth and Kaushik, secured the first place in the Inter School Quiz Competition held at Capitol School

UKG Grand Parents had a day of fun and frolic in the school campus on 5th Sep’15

Wild Life Conservationist Mr. Satish Chandra brought in Forest awareness to Alpininas on 5th Sep’15

Workshop on Environment as career on 5.12.15 (Saturday) @ 10.00 a.m 

Satya Chandra Sagar  – working for World life Crime Control Bureau ( WCCB)  motivates children of class VIII to take up Environmental science as  their profession. 

 Teacher’s Workshop

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for giving me an opportunity to attend the workshop that was organised by Next Education. It was very a informative and useful workshop conducted in a beautiful ambiance of HHI, a five star hotel.

Objectives of workshop were:

Discussion on role of teachers.
Understanding the child.
Learning outcomes.
Effective communication skills.

The speaker of the day was Mrs. Aruna Sridharan. She has over two decades of experience in the field of pre-primary education.

Thanks again for providing this opportunity. I strongly believe that we need more such workshops for our teachers to keep ourselves abreast of the latest in the field of pre-primary education.



Supreeth, Harshitha and Raghav of Std-VIII won the first place in DPS South ‘Scientific Innovator’ contest.

 Visit to Bank of Baroda

The students of Alpine Public School from grade-X, had a visit to a Nationalized bank within the school proximity on 15th October 2015, as a part of the school curriculum.

We were divided in 2 groups. I was a part of the first group and as soon as we entered inside we had a look at the bank and collected various advertisements and pamphlets of the bank. We then took an interview of the Senior Manager of the bank, Mr. Sunil who had an experience of 16 years with the bank and he gave us various details about the bank and its functioning. We were told about the SLR- Solid Liquidity Ratio, CRR- Cash Reserve Ratio. We were surprised to know that children of above 10 years of age could have their own bank accounts. We were made aware about the agricultural investment of the bank which was 14.5%. The bank provides various schemes for the senior citizens and also has the locker facility.

The second group of our fellow classmates interviewed the customers who visited the bank and got a feel about the services of the bank. The transactions of debit and credit was completely made aware to us, the different types of savings and current accounts was understood. This day brought in awareness that savings is needed by everyone for the rainyday.

Anushka Khetan
Alpine Public School

Congratulations Alpine !!! Runners Up in the CBSE South Zone Basket Ball Championship held at Vizag

Alpinians secure the 2nd place in the Inter School Basket Ball Tournament conducted by Bangalore  Sahodaya.

Ms. Anita Kalibhat and I attended a workshop conducted by TTF (The Teacher Foundation) on THE IMPORTANCE OF THE AVERAGE on 21 August, 2015. The resource person was Mr.Suman Ghose, a dynamic individual and a trainer for about 23 years who stressed the importance on the average student. He focused mainly on the corporate sector trainees rather than the student-teacher problems.

On the whole the workshop was informative and the guest speaker though could not reach out well to his audience but was fair enough to justify on the topic. Later on when the Director Ms. Maya Menon took over she held us captivated for the rest of the session. She interacted with the teachers and brought into light many ways to tackle the problem faced by the students in the classroom. A few points she stressed on:

  • Is to give every student a chance to identify himself
  • To be recognized by a teacher without any bias.
  • She stressed that every child is special and unique so equally they need to be treated.
  • Not to tag line them as average or mediocre or above or below average.
  • As a teacher the credit is received if these students as they fair well.
  • Most of the successful students are from the Average category
  • Average students are able to accept life challenges better than above average students.
  • Never ignore them—a little motivation can bring them to the main stream.

Thanks for giving us a chance to attend the workshop. It was useful and informative.


Ms. Jayalakshmi Shastry

Titiksha of Std-VI has won the Elocution Prize in the Presidency Cup Challenge on 18th Aug’15

Sejal and Tanvi G of Std-IX have won the 2nd Prize in the Inter School Science Comp. held by Silicon Academy.
Basket Ball Girls team wins the Runners Up Trophy in the New Horizon Inter School Match.

Sonal of Std-IX declared the Best Player of the Match.

Students of Std-VIII, X & XI would be visiting Vidhana Soudha on 11.8.15 (Tuesday) during school hours as an Educational Tour.
Launching of CMP in association with Schneider Electric Company would be on 11.8.15- A project for students of Std-VI to Conserve the Planet.
Borosil Company would conduct a workshop on the ‘Handling of Apparatus’ in the lab for students of Std-VII & IX.

Dear Parent,

Our school is the centre for AIPMT re-exam to be held on 25th July’15 between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Hence the Pre-Primary Parent -teacher meeting (PTM) that was scheduled on 25-7-15 is be postponed to 1-8-15. Thank you for your cooperation.

14-7-15                                    overall coord. Pp                                                        Anitha M Kalibhat

Children’s Day 2015 – Stamp Design Competition-Registration details.

Download the attachment.

Alpine Out Reach Program

On 27th June’15, we the girls of class VII ‘A’ visited Gubbalala government school with padmakshi Ma’am. We all were divided into groups of three. Each group had given different topics to teach the children like music, dance, computers, drawing and many more. We all were eager to teach them. I and my group got the chance to teach abacus to the children of class VII. They were so eager and interested to learn.

As I observed the children there, they had a lot of grasping power. I felt very happy after they showed their interest to learn. All the children gave us a lot of respect and love. They wanted to learn more and we wanted to share our knowledge with them but it was time for us to go back to school. It was sad to leave them.

We took a group photo together and realized it was a memorable experience for me and my friends. From this I have learnt how to teach to others.

I thank Alpine for being involved in organizing such a wonderful and a memorable social cause.


Nikhil Hegde of Std-VI A is  seeded 6th in the cadet section of

Karnataka Table Tennis Association.

Alpinian secures the 4th* rank in CUSAT

(Cochin University of Science and Technology) Examination.

Alpinian in Times of India — Students Workshop

I am glad I agreed to go. Ms.Santrupti is our guide throughout the whole ten-day workshop and she taught us all about journalism- the whole process, to be specific. Today we were given a new edition of a magazine called BBC KNOWLEDGE, a very interesting book about current science for children. It’s a really good magazine from which all our doubts related to science can get cleared. Apparently, our home assignment today was to get two people max. to subscribe for this magazine. For that we have to make our own strategies to sell the subscriptions. We would be awarded too. So ma’am, if our school wants to subscribe for this magazine( there is 50% discount), they can do so.

Myna Adhikari (Day-1)

Report on Musical Harmony

It was a pleasure and a spectacular evening to attend the annual day event and see each and every child performing . We could see the hard work of all staff members of Pre-primary  put in every  event.
No matter how hard parents try to give their children the best of values, they will ultimately grow up to be young adults whose personalities are shaped by teachers.

We wish would had a chance to say a proper thank to  you all in person for  being such a fantastic teacher.

Adithya is having a terrific experience in his class and from what we could observe when we attended this event.
Our once introvert child’s personality has bloomed open like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by a lovely gardener in the form of a teacher .

We like to  thank Srija madam  for her  fostering Adithya into a better person with your constant motivation and encouragement to him.

Wishes and thanks,
Ramya & Srinivas.
Parents : Adithya.S
class :  ​LKG ​-B