Central Course – Std VI


Our VI Std children have a lesson on Habitats of different Living organisms; the context where I told them that Ocean is the largest habitat in the entire world. So, I gave them wonderful activity to learn about different layers in ocean water and also the different life forms found in each layer. It was amazing for them when I told that life do exist on the top of sea level to even 11 kms towards the sea bed!!!

They were made to fill water in a transparent jar which was mixed with blue colour. Different layers of water were labelled on papers and sticked on to the jar – SUNNY ZONE, TWILIGHT ZONE, DARK ZONE, ABYSS ZONE and TRENCH zone. Dummies of different organisms were tied on a thread and then hanged into the water according to the different layers. They enjoyed doing the activity and learned along with that. They easily listed out the layers in sea water after the activity and added that it was ‘easy learning- fun learning!!!’