We analyzed more than 500 inidan pharmacies. Based on the obtained data, we created a rating that considers the range, pricing policy, delivery terms, convenience of applications, and websites. As a result, leaders of this rating are pharmacies, which develop online platforms as a key channel for working with customers.

MedPlus (Google Rating: 5.0)

Very rude would not fill my prescriptions and could not give me a reason even though my insurance company recommended that I use them. Also, I had been a customer at this pharmacy for years. Not anymore, I will never spend a dime at MedPlus ever again.

Today the ladies at our Quinn’s Family Pharmacy went above and beyond. I pay cash for my prescriptions, and they helped me with getting the lowest price with GoodRx saving me $50. From the lady at the register directing me where to go to the lady that typed each of my medications in one by one. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In this day and time, a little kindness goes a long way. God bless the pharmacy!

EDMeans Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.2)

Great deals on many brand items and a good place to pick up some grocery items. The reward program is great. I got vaccinated with a flu shot, and it took no time. They’ve always been good to me at the pharmacy and throughout the store as well.

Highly recommend this EDMeans pharmacy!!! Very nice staff and eager to help. I will keep my business here and tell my friends and family they should do business here also. No long wait!!!

Apollo Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.4)

Visited this location while traveling; many establishments were closed to customers due to Corona; however, this Apollo Pharmacy was opened, so I stopped for a restroom break. The restroom(s) was foul, to put it nicely. The pictures are from the ladies/employee restroom, and it doesn’t depict how nasty it truly is… #1 floor, #2 urine on toilet #3 dried urine on wall #4 dirty under washbowl, and #5 nasty trash can. And before you ask, Yes, the management was informed before we left the premises.

My experience here was two-fold: On one hand, my prescription was not held under my insurance company. However, the assistant Derek was kind enough to transfer my prescription to another pharmacy, even though he did not have to. I am giving a five-star rating for that referral. – special thanks to the staff!

Christion Medical Association Of India (Google Rating: 3.7)

Every time that I have been to Christion Medical Association Of India, I have been treated with respect. They treated me how I would treat them and anybody else. I love it there.

Today, I had a frantic, public, emergency… I was BEYOND emotionally distressed. I attempted to purchase a particular item. The younger employee was caught off guard. He hurriedly shoveled me to the older employee (I assume Larry?) Not only did “Larry” have EXACTLY what was needed, but had them within the first syllable… Unfortunately, he didn’t sell the product. He then scooped up nearly $100 worth. All shapes and sizes of the item. He went on to tell me a rep dropped off some and to take them ALL. The business was a savior in a true time of need!