Dear Parent,

A trek for Students of Std- V has been organized to Yogavana Hills on 24th June’17 (Sat).This trek is voluntary but participation would enhance the students social and intellectual skills. Participating students should come in comfortable track suit and sports shoe. A bag with light snacks, Lunch and water bottle should be brought along. Bus facility is available to those availing the service else, kindly make arrangements to pick up your ward from the school at 3.30 p.m.

Student’s who would like to be a part of this adventures trip, can do so by paying an amount of Rs 100/ on or before 19th June’17 to their respective class teacher.
Date: 16th June’17                                                                                 Vimmy (Activity Co/)

Dear Parent,

Students of Std- V & VI will have Scouts and Guides for the academic year 17-18. Those opting to be scouts and guides must be a part of this for the next three consecutive year to avail the benefits of Badges, Certificates, Camps, Scholarships, etc/ . If your ward is interested kindly give in the names to the respective class teacher on or before 19th June’17.

Date: 16th June’17                                                                                  Vimmy (Activity Co/)

Dear Parent,

Students of Std V going to VI must opt for a third language, Hindi, Kannada or Sanskrit which will be introduced in Std VI. Please note that the language opted as the 2nd language should not be repeated as 3rd lang.

Kindly confirm before 16-03-16, the third language (Hindi, Kannada or Sanskrit) choice of your ward.

No changes would be entertained after submission.

Date: 14-03-16                                                                                                         Academic Head


Dear Parent,

A trip to Exotic & Adventurous Waynad & Coorg has been arranged for the students of STD V-XI on 09th April’16. Dependable and responsible Teachers would accompany the students. This outing is voluntary but participation would enhance the student’s Social & Geographical values. Participating students must confirm their names with the class teacher by paying the amount on or before 23th Feb’16. Further details would be communicated on registration.


 Date: 15.02.16                                                         Aarthi Bhansali (Act/ Co/)



Dear Parent,                                                                                                                    13.02.2016

Its Picnic time again!

The School has organized a Picnic for:-

Std- I to Dreamland Resort, Nelamangala on Saturday, 27th Feb 2016.

Std- II to Dharmashree Resort, Nelamangala on Saturday, 27th Feb 2016.

Std- III to Meenakshi Resort, Jigani on Saturday, 27th Feb 2016.

This trip is voluntary however; we encourage maximum participation to make the event a memorable one. This event includes water activities, rain dance and fun games. All the activities will be conducted in a safe environment under the supervision of class teachers, and the resort staff.

Food: Non-Spicy & healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks will be provided. Kindly send a water bottle.

Timings: Reporting time-8.30am, Pickup time from school: 5.00pm

Transportation: Children coming to school by school bus can avail the bus facility for pickup only.

Dress code:Girls – Comfortable tights (half slacks) and T-Shirt. (Avoid jeans)

Boys – Comfortable cotton shorts and T-Shirt. (Avoid jeans)

Footwear – Sandals only (no shoes, socks, or slippers allowed)

Children will go for the water activities in the same dress as they come in. Hence, do send a towel and an extra set of easily wearable clothes, including inner wear in the school bag with a plastic cover. Kindly see that the child comes in simple clothes, no fancy accessories or dress allowed. Do not send any swim wear.

 Republic Day Trek

A trek has been arranged for the students of Std VI & VII to Govinakallu Hills on 26/01/2016, (Tue) after the Flag Hoisting ceremony in the school. This trek is voluntary but participation would enhance them towards societal duties and geographical aspects. Dependable and responsible Teachers would accompany the trekkers.

Students should come in their school track suit, comfortable sports shoe and a cap. A bag pack with snacks, napkin, water bottle and sufficient food and snacks should be carried along.

Kindly register by Saturday (16.01.16) to the respective class teacher. All participants must reach the school by 8.30 am on their own and Parents to pick up their wards by 3.30 pm from the school campus.

13.01.16                                                                 Aarthi Bhansali (Act Co/) 09880056717


 Dear Parent,

A Very Happy New Year from Alpine Public School.The science fest – Sabadoria will be held on 13/01/2016 Wednesday between 10 a.m to 12 p.m on the first floor for Std 1, 2 & 3. We request your presence on this occasion to encourage the little ones. Children will be in school from 8: 30 a.m to 12.15 p.m (half a day).

Date : 08.01.16                

Dear Parent,

Students of grade IV are displaying their speaking skills on 21-12-15, in the form of PowerPoint Presentation, Elocution, Poem recitation and Storytelling. Parents are invited to be a part of this program and  encourage the students.

Venue                        :         Alpine Public School

Date                            :          21-12-15   

Event Venue timings Number of participants
PowerPoint presentation Audio Visual Room          ( ground floor) 10: 00 am to 11:00 am 17
Elocution New Basement 10:00 am to 10:30 am 8
Poem recitation New Basement 10:30 am to 11:00 am 11
Puppet show New Basement 11:00 am to 11:30 am 6
Prize distribution New Basement 11:30 am 2 prizes per category

Although participation is the main aspect of the program, just as a token of appreciation each category will receive two prizes for the best performance.

18-12-15                                                                                       Anitha M Kalibhat (Coordinator)

Dear Parent,
‘Dandiya day’ and ‘Doll show’ is organised by the Pre-Primary section on Friday, 16-10-15. Kindly send your child in any Indian traditional dress.
Please note: The school closes at 11:00 am on this day. The buses will leave the school at 11:00 am. Those who do not avail the bus facility are requested to make appropriate arrangements.
Thank you.

Dear Parent,

Please note :

1) 25-9-15, Friday, is a holiday on account of Bakrid.

2) Our school is hosting the south zone Taekwondo competition to be held on 5th, 6th, and 7th of Oct’15 (Mon, Tue and Wed). Various schools from across South India would be participating in the competition and it is going to be a major event at school. Hence, to accommodate the participants, the school will remain closed for the Pre-Primary section on the above mentioned dates

Thank you for the cooperation.                                                                               Anitha M Kalibhat

22-9-15                                                                                                                        (Overall Coord, PP )

Dear Parent,

A trek has been organized for students of class VII & VIII to Ramnagar hills on 1st August, 2015 (Saturday) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This trek is voluntary and interested students can join. Kindly give in your names by 28th July, 2015 to the respective class teacher.

  • Sufficient food and water must be carried along.
  • Dress code is school track suit with comfortable shoes.
  • Students should reach school on their own.
  • Students should be picked up from the school by 3.30pm.
  • School bus facility is not available on that day.

24.07.15                                                                                                          Aarthi.B (Activity Co/)

Dear Parent,


Your ward has been selected to participate in the Inter School State Mega Finals in Bangalore. It would be held in the last week of August’15. To proceed with the registration kindly pay an amount to the class teacher on or before 20th July’15. Any clarifications kindly contact the undersigned.

Kaustubh.D – Std II

Dhriti.P.L – Std II

Shreyas – Std III

Satvik- Std V

Spandana – Std IV

Preesha.G – Std IV

Deepal Narayan – Std V

Manasa.K – Std VII

Bhavya.A.Jain – Std VII

M.Satyam Fathema – Std IX

                                                                                         Aarthi Bhansali (Act Co/) 9880056717

Dear Parent,

The following competitive exams would be conducted in our school during school hours on the scheduled dates.Participation in these exams is voluntary. The syllabus is from the present text book.Kindly select the exam for your ward and send the required amount to the class teacher on or before 31.7.15.

competitive exam

Dear Parent,

The initial initiative of introducing all Alpinians to the world of Spell Bee, by the school was a huge success. This has motivated each student to enhance his/her vocabulary.

On this note we would like to Congratulate your ward for having successfully completed the first level and moving over to the Inter School Spell Bee Competition. It would be held in the 1st week of January’15. To proceed with the Registration kindly pay an amount  to the class teacher on or before the 1st of December.

04.12.14                                                                                             Aarthi Bhansali (Act.Coord)